I currently run a proxy server as a member of the TOR network, but since only members of the TOR network can access the proxy, I have decided to install circumventor on my computer...

It was difficult enough to successfully install apache2, but then I could not get circumventor to install properly. I e-mailed the circumventor support staff, and they did not know what the problem was either.. They proposed it was some issue with the fact that I run a 64-bit OS.

Does any1 know if apache is compatible with 64-bit OS? I simply assumed that it would work, but apache seems unwilling to cooperate with me:-/

Thanks for any help

>Does any1 know if apache is compatible with 64-bit OS?
Of course it is -- you just said yourself that you had successfully installed Apache 2, and that it was the circumventor that you were having difficulties with.

>apache seems unwilling to cooperate with me
You're very confusing. What's causing the problem? What error messages are you getting? So far you have just said "it doesn't install properly". We still don't have a clue what you mean "doesn't install properly".


well, the apache2 service won't start. When I go to Services and try to start it, I get the error message: "Windows could not start apache 2 on local computer..."

Ok, I can start the apache monitor.. But When I go to the 'Apache Service Monitor", and click Apache2 and then Start, it gives me the following message: "The requested operation has failed!"

What version of Windows are you running?

You should probably read this page, it discusses something similar to your error message:

When starting Apache as a service you may encounter an error message from the Windows Service Control Manager. For example, if you try to start Apache by using the Services applet in the Windows Control Panel, you may get the following message:

Could not start the Apache2 service on \\COMPUTER 
      Error 1067; The process terminated unexpectedly.

You will get this generic error if there is any problem with starting the Apache service. In order to see what is really causing the problem you should follow the instructions for Running Apache for Windows from the Command Prompt.

What version of Windows are you running?

You should probably read this page, it discusses something similar to your error message:

I've tried it on Windows xp pro x64 and windows vista ultimate x64..

The primary Windows platform for running Apache 2.0 is Windows NT. The binary installer only works with the x86 family of processors, such as Intel and AMD processors. Running Apache on Windows 9x is not thoroughly tested, and it is never recommended on production systems.

It doesn't mention anything about x64... I'll keep looking for anything online that may help..

Ok, I used the command prompt 'sc query' and got the following results:

[SC] EnumQueryServicesStatus:OpenServicse FAILED 1060:

The specific service does not exist as an installed service.

um, okay...

Hmm, it seems as though Apache expects you to compile your own x64 binary. I found this for you, though.

[edit] nevermind

And you *should* try running Apache with the command line, you might get some more informative errors...

You did do this, didn't you?

You can install Apache as a Windows NT service as follows from the command prompt at the Apache bin subdirectory:

apache -k install

If you use the first command without any special parameters except -k install , the service will be called Apache2 and the configuration will be assumed to be conf\httpd.conf .
You can control an Apache service by its command line switches, too. To start an installed Apache service you'll use this:

apache -k start

I installed it differently.. according to the circumventor instructions: http://www.peacefire.org/circumventor/simple-circumventor-instructions.html

But I just ran that command line, and it said apach2 had already been installed, so at least we know it's installed.. just not properly configured yet..

Let's just forget about Circumventor for now, because getting Apache working is the first and foremost thing you're going to have to do.

So are you trying to run this thing as a command line application, or as a service? For the former you'll need to follow this, and for the latter, this.

Tell me what happens.


OK, does it bring you back to the prompt?

I was trying to run it command-line as an app.

The command "httpd" was not recognized..

When I try to execute apache, it simply goes to the next line as if I pressed enter..

damn it.. I might just try reinstalling it or somethn..

Sorry... I had my post typed up, and then my browser crashed.

What happens if you load into your browser? (after running apache -k start )

And another thing, where on that whole page about Circumventor does it even mention Apache? What happens if you just try to install Circumventor? does nothing now b/c I turned IIS off. I set up apache to run port 8080 b/c circumventor is supposed to be port 80.

It won't let you install the proxy server without apache.

You think there may be some conflict with microsoft's IIS? I turned it off, but apache still won't start =/