Is there a special add-on or an application, possibly web based, that I could use to co-browse websites with my friend? So that I could see the contents of my friends screen, when he's surfing the web.

I think this borders on spyware/keyboard logging and may shade into the 'no go' zone. Is there anything wrong with using the provided 'my computer'/properties/remote?

There are legatimate uses for such software, for example at help desks there the helper can see that the client is doing so that the helper can help the client. We had software something like that at my last job. I think it was commercial program, possibly Norton PC Anywhere or something like that.

Look over his shoulder.

hahah..that was funny.:cool:

Hi! A VNC software like RealVNC might suit your needs. If it's too heavy or complicated, then try something easier and web based, like the

If you use FireFox, you can try the add-on Cluztr - this seems to do all that you want and is free!