I am a new member so I will start out with... I am 24 years old and have all ways been interested in computer. I was a police officer up in till about 4 months ago when I injured my back and have to find new career. Now I am working in a 911 center till I get my schooling completed. I was looking over the degree plans and I was told that the MIS degree was the way to go. Is that true? I guess I don’t understand the difference between the Business MIS degree VS the Computer Science degree. Could anyone explain what types of employment would you get with a Business MIS degree? Thanks for anyone what can help ANY and ALL information wanted. I want to meet new people from all kinds of backgrounds I hope that will guide me into a direction that will interest me. So please send me private messages and let’s chat!!!

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MIS is similar to Computer Science, but is more heavier on the business side and IT systems (servers, routers and etc) rather than the actual software engineering. A lot of things you'd learn as an MIS major is how to run an IT business. Computer Science is mostly about software design/planning/engineering and computer architecture such as gates, adders, multiplexers, decoders, caches, etc and how they're used in computer components.
CS is also heavy on math. You're looking at 3 calc classes, discrete math, differential equations, some probability for computer networks and applications, numerical analysis and some physics. I'm not entirely sure, but i think MIS only covers half of that. Finally, you'll be dealing with a bunch of programming classes in CS. MIS only covers a few, to get your feet wet. The rest would be business classes.
Hopefully you haven't changed your mind about CS, in case you wanted to take this diection :) It's not as difficult as it may seem but you'll need to be ready for some heavy studying. MIS is like a shortcut to the IT world. You'll probably be able to land a job as a developer after getting you degree. However, lot of people do technical support or Quality Assurance (they're software testers, documentation and project planning guys.)

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