I am a new member so I will start out with... I am 24 years old and have all ways been interested in computer. I was a police officer up in till about 4 months ago when I injured my back and have to find new career. Now I am working in a 911 center till I get my schooling completed. I was looking over the degree plans and I was told that the MIS degree was the way to go. Is that true? I guess I don’t understand the difference between the Business MIS degree VS the Computer Science degree. Could anyone explain what types of employment would you get with a Business MIS degree? Thanks for anyone what can help ANY and ALL information wanted. I want to meet new people from all kinds of backgrounds I hope that will guide me into a direction that will interest me. So please send me private messages and let’s chat!!!

MIS is similar to Computer Science, but is more heavier on the business side and IT systems (servers, routers and etc) rather than the actual software engineering. A lot of things you'd learn as an MIS major is how to run an IT business. Computer Science is mostly about software design/planning/engineering and computer architecture such as gates, adders, multiplexers, decoders, caches, etc and how they're used in computer components.
CS is also heavy on math. You're looking at 3 calc classes, discrete math, differential equations, some probability for computer networks and applications, numerical analysis and some physics. I'm not entirely sure, but i think MIS only covers half of that. Finally, you'll be dealing with a bunch of programming classes in CS. MIS only covers a few, to get your feet wet. The rest would be business classes.
Hopefully you haven't changed your mind about CS, in case you wanted to take this diection :) It's not as difficult as it may seem but you'll need to be ready for some heavy studying. MIS is like a shortcut to the IT world. You'll probably be able to land a job as a developer after getting you degree. However, lot of people do technical support or Quality Assurance (they're software testers, documentation and project planning guys.)