im using ubuntu, n the thing is, i want my ubuntu to always ask me the root password everytime i try 2 access root permision.

Is there a way 2 do that?

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No. If you want to authenticate to the root user (or any user for that matter), you have to use su.


Im sorry, but wat i mean is,for the first time i acces root's permission, yes it asks me 4 the root's password. But after that, it doesnt. N thats wat i wanna change. I want it 2 ask me the password every time.

Tnx 4 awl de help


In that case, you want to modify the timestamp_timeout value in the /etc/sudoers file. Open up the sudoers file with

$ sudo visudo

enter your password, then look in the file for a line that starts with Defaults and has timestamp_timeout in it. Adjust the value so that it's set to 0. If there isn't a line like that present in the file, add a new one:

Defaults tty_tickets, timestamp_timeout=0

the default is to ask for your "regular" user password each time. you'd rather type the "root" password each time? why?

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