Hello all,
I recently joined and posted my introduction. I was curious about how users on this board/forum think about the differences between concepts like IT and Web Development. Perhaps not everything that an IT person does is meant for the web. Still, isn't there overlap?
I was just writing on my blog about the difference between Web Design and Web Development and from my research, searching online, there is no real clear agreement about differences. There then are categories in the board for Software development which would possibly have overlaps with IT as well.
I am anxious to hear some feedback from others as to what you think about these categories - IT, Web Development, Web Design, and Software development. It would help for my own understanding if I could get some kind of understanding as to what these terms tend to refer.

I wanted advice on something else too. I am looking at creating a forum for a few technical topics. There is a gap in the study area of support for certain topics. My business name is Future Wave Designs. I was thinking of maybe a forum with the name Future Wave Technologies, or something like that. This is somewhat of an issue of etiquette online for which I could use feedback and suggestions. I don't want to turn people away by seeming to have more interest in promoting my own business than wanting to provide a community that would help me and others share our experiences and skills.

Thanks in advance,

Hello! Welcome to the forum. Good luck with your sites!