Greetings Daniweb Community,

I'm a second year Information Systems Development/Analyst major looking to gain greater knowledge and understanding regarding the profession. Because I enjoy reading and learning, I was curious if any of you knew of any great books concerning the subject. After searching amazon, I discovered that the amount of IT books is as extensive as the detail these books expand upon. Right now I'm looking for something that is timely, revealing, and, because I'm still trying to grasp the subject, easy to comprehend.

So what books would you recommend for me? Also, are there any certifications I should look into at this stage?

Thank you in advance for all your help. Feel free to direct me to other threads if this has already been discussed.

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I guess you should visit sites like google an through that some sites allow you to download the books an which book is the best download that an you can do a detail study on that particular language

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