I am a former Microsoft Tech lady, MSN and all than jazz. I am in need aof a product key code for XP Home edition for a PC I am repairing. The PC had a Trojan which wiped it out. I have repaired the problem and by the way watch out for the Trojan, it attacks your windows security . firewall, virus protection and shows itself along your task bar as the windows shield. It wants a download of a virus scan that prettends to look like windows,It is vicious anny ideas?

It duplicates along your taskbar as a shielsd icon.

I have a brand new XP Home froma friend but it came from HP.
They took the case the code was on and now refuse to let me have it. It is a legal version I just cannot get HP to cooperate.

As a former tech lady you obviously know it is illegal for anyone to give you a key. The only way to get it is either 1) from HP, who refuses your request, or 2) buy another copy of XP.

And thanks for the info about the Trojan.

in the dvd/cd drive search for unattend.txt open the file and scroll to the bottom of the txt file.product key will be provided

sittas, that product key in I386 is a generic one that allows installation, but must be changed for a legit one to register? It's almost laughable if you do a net search for a key that will at least allow you to play with an unregistered copy for 30 days. :).
Ancient... with all the Vistas out now, ppl should be able to sell an unwanted XP key? I dunno, not deeply into the legal aspect, just asking.

i was hoping no one was going to ask especially the one requesting this cd key and use instinct instead.once you have the key its easier to do your bit...
Because I know hacking isnt allowed on this site,i just gave her a go ahead.

I don't think it would be against forum rules to put out that info, sittas.

I think it is.Im coming down to windows bypass in the registry after using the cd key