Hello. I am Marc Trepanier. I came to this site looking for random generators. I have a unique job and a need for a generator that can cover nationality, clan affiliation, basic combat skills, and various other variables. Is there anyone here willing to help in this? Thank you.

I don't know what you're asking, but if you're looking for a random-generator, you need the mersenne twister

What I am looking for is a tool that will randomly select a character's nationality, clan affiliation, position within a criminal/terrorist organization, and how willing that person is willing to use violence. You see, I am writing training scenarios for the government and a tool that will generate such profiles will save me hours of work. I have a tool that does some of these things; however, the person who built it did not make it so I can ater the inputs and variables to create anything that would be useable in my region of expertise. That being Africa.

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