My name is Michael, I'm 15 and I'm from New Zealand. I'm currently at High School where they unfortunately don't offer any courses in programming (the closest I get to a computer course is word, excel, internet explorer (:'(), and other microsoft products) so any threads I post won't be related to homework just my self teaching. I'm a Linux user (since 3 weeks ago) and am posting from Kubuntu (Don't know why but I just don't like Gnome, and I didn't like Debians extreme stability (as in outdated software) )

Currently I consider my self proficient in ActionScript 3.0 and 2.0 (although I don't like using 2.0 since I've started using 3.0 and my knowledge of it is slipping), xHTML (served as HTML lol not phrased as xhtml but I didn't realise this until recently, drawback of self teaching) and CSS Level 2. I am currently teaching myself Java and I'm planning on learning C++ (I have some basic knowledge), PHP (I can struggle my way through simple tasks at the moment but I'm not great at it) and JavaScript in the near future. Times my enemy though.

I play Softball, and since about a month ago Soccer (not very well but I'm steadily improving) as my sports. I also enjoy attempting to animate/draw and photography in my spare time.

I've lurked here for a while but I've decided its about time I signed up and got involved :)

Hope you'll enjoy it here!

Hello and welcome ! Enjoy your stay here !