Hi all !
What an original title for this thread .... Good he ?

What the boss want:
Name : george
Status: Retired industrial electronics technician.
Age : Old enough ,(I stopped having birthdays).
Old interests : Sailing.
Actual interests: Funny enough , Electronics (without PRESSURE ! )
Programing (Windows Only)(in order of likings)ASM,Pic Micros,VB6,VC++(when I cant avoid it),

Program used for ASM : RosAsm (posts under gebe)
I tried other forums but , unfriedly,autocratics ,selfcentered people.......
RosAsm is good but seems to be diyng out.

I am not good enough in any programing , as it was always a tool used intermittently, when needed , having some time now , I try to increase my bit of knowledge.


Speed , Small size PE's,No need for run times , Fun , Challenge , etc....

What do you use ?


Ps: What means "I ....... , up yours" ?
It could be taken in the wrong context ..Ha.Ha

Iam new to this site, i don't know about this site please give information about it.



in brief,on the top of the page click on home, on the home page scroll down where the full layout is of where you want to be weather it is a problem or just a hangout in the geek lounge
hope it helps you get started