ok so awhile back i did something idiotic im not too good with comps and i took my heatsink off to clean it well the proccessor came with it i didnt know it at the time so i put it back on and damaged the proccessor so i was using my5 sisters comps processor fpor two months and my comp worked fine since we had the same proccessor but i guess she came one day n took it off to put it on her comp without asking me to do it and i just ordered a new proccesor but to my bad luck i put my sisters in just to check some stuff and now the computer just beeps and the screen turns black well now i need to know if im screwed and need a whole new comp or what does the beeping mean cuz i dnt want to take it in to best uy cuz the chat=rge what my comp was worth ne help ne1??/

The number and length of the beeps are codes, so tell us exactly what they are.
Did you replace the thermal paste?
At this point it won't hurt to take the processor off and carefully re-do the procedure.

Hi, you say you took the heat sink off the processor to clean it. Why? How? Is the heat sink seated propoerly on the processor? If not, you've fried th eprocessor. Did you damage the processor at all, like tiny hairline cracks in the silicon casing? Damage the seat at all? On the processor? The motherboard? Does your sister's proceswsor work when you put it back in her pc?
What/whose heat sink did you use with your sister's processor in your pc. In your sister's pc? I'd say you should probably bend over atthe waist, put your head between your legs, 'cos if you've fried your sister's processor as well, you can kiss your sorry ass goodbye.

Usually the computer beeps without booting when there is some problem with the RAM.But as far as I have understood from your description of things there is no reason for the RAM to get damaged.

In any case you probably wouldn't need a whole new computer; even if you need a new CPU; of course that depends on what kind of CPU we are talking about as well; if it's old it might be more economical just to buy a newer motherboard and CPU and start over. Maybe next time you should just blow out the heat sink with compressed air.

my comp did that and it fried the mother board so take it to the doctor fast

hey was reading this and i got the same problem
its 5 beeps. beep, beepbeepbeep, beep whats it mean? thanks.