Please I need some advice. I have a degree in Communication, some knowledge of HTML and Communication Design. I am looking into switching to IT? What advice do you all have for me? Which area in IT would be more in line with my background? I want an area in which I can find a job a little bit easier than I've experienced so far.
Open to your advice and suggestions.


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There are different areas of it for sure. There are programming/networking/design/implementation categories amongst others.

Advice would be to research tech jobs/categories. They are all related, but much different. Strengths in logic and math, I would say programming but its not just something to pick up so easily. Take your time and do some research to see what area matches what you are looking for and expertise.


Welcome to the forum. I think you can pursue careers within traditional digital media, films, or print media as decision makers in presentation for message delivery. These professionals plan, analyze, and create visual solutions to communications problems along with marketing message delivery.

I agree with Dickersonka, programming but its not just something to pick up so easily.

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