Hi everybody, guess its good luck to encounter technical problems when u r studyn computers it helps you learn by knowing what to ask. anyway lucky me! here is my problem this time:
you know that stalling sound that a computer makes when a cellphone rings next to it? My sisters laptop does that but with no phones in site. Why? and how to solve this problem are the questions Im hoping u guys could answer.

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Do you know what triggers the event? What is your computer? What is your operating system? What is going on around your set up? Did this just start happening (trigger)? A little more information could help.

my computer is an Acer aspire 5720z
and the os is xp professional sp2. by the way its new i bought it last week. And yes it kind of did just start happening i turn on my comp. turn on a song and the sound was all off like a mobile was riinging near by but it wasn't and yes i checked the configuration.

any wierd appliances near by that could cause interference? Could it be a loose wire picking up fan noise?

any wierd appliances near by that could cause interference? Could it be a loose wire picking up fan noise?

Yes this could be... make sure that your speaker wired do not cross any power cords. Sometimes the charger units for batteries will cause sound if interfering with speakers.

Thanks everybody, i was asking for my sister, but yesterday she came home & I checked it out the problem was solved after I restored all the default setting for the sound properties. so i guess someone had previously changed something that triggered the sound problem.

Ok im back i was wrong it's not solved.
I thought it was but see thats why the problem gets on my nerves its moody. i'm starting to think its the sound card coz it doesn't look like a software problem and at the same time u might say its the speakers, but i tried headphones and it wasn't solved either. anybody have another idea before i send it back to the company??????

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