Is anyone around who's done MCSA/MCSE?

I'm hoping to do the course myself and am on the verge of sorting my Career Developement Loan out for the same. It's around £4,750 & through "Advent Training".

I wondered, if such an investment is worth doing? Alongside, I'm not sure of it'd be worth within couple of years' time, once I get the qualification. Beside, more and more business' are using non-Windows based OS and that leaves me with further doubt if I'd go ahead with this course.

Although the course duration's officially for 2 years but am hoping to get it done within a year or so. Is it doable or am I just being overly confident? I'd be dropping my working hours to part-time to be able to concentrate further and give more time towards the course.

As far as my IT knowledge & skills are concerned, I've had IT degree and had been working in IT dealing with domestic customers' day-to-day query and have learned a lot within this job.

I wondered, if anyone around know more about "Advent Training" and anything else that it may be better off knowing before committing myself to such a detailed course at this cost. Advent Training have career side as well allowing them to look for jobs for me as the course progresses (and hence, not necessarily only when the course's entirely over).

Any englightenment would be greatly appreciated.

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Id say yes, its defiantly worth doing. There are loads of people out there that pretend to have these qualifications in order to get jobs, or to make themselves look good.

So i'd say go for it. You will have to take the MCP exam first though.

how much are you going to pay for it?

why pay for it when you can get the knowledge for free? go for the CompTIA exams first, in order to eliminate the basics, and do the rest to get MCSA. for good study material look on and

how much are you going to pay for it?

Well, to go all the way to MCSE, it's £4,750. However, having said that, I'm not emptying my pocket at once, at the moment to pay for the course.

I've got Career Development Loan, whereby Learning Council pays for interest on it for the 1st 2 years i.e. until the course finishes. Once that's over, either I'd pay all at once i.e. the initial amount borrowed or pay at 4% APR over 2 years' time.

Microsoft Certifcations are a dime a dozen. If you are doing it because you enjoy working on the Microsoft Operating system than by all means do it. IF you are looking to make money (Which has always been a big trend) than go for your CISCO certifcations. You could get your CCNA and land a 40-50k entry level job. Look into community colleges for Cisco classes where you can find classes fairly cheep. Just my thoughts, but everyone has there own passions abd beliefs.

Best of luck! :)

saw ur posting and i took interest in it because i wrote to advent once and i got a brochure from them. i think they are MCSA 0n 2003. i am training at took me aout 6 months of die hard studying to obtain it.ive been getting job offers though not the type i planned for.but its boosted my confidence level when it comes to applying for IT jos.ill advise you to start your training at advent,though you can study on your own to schieve an MCSA but its beter when you are trained.beleive me,thats from my experience,

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