I have been offered an old mac - a desktop version one where its built all into the screen (im new to macs) and have been told it was the top version of the PowerPC model. I have been told £800 for it, all the stuff and OSX tiger cd's . Is that good?

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Firstly, what do you want and what are you getting?
You want to buy a desktop mac. This is clear. However, you do not know which model it is. From the word "old" I had assumed that it was an eMac (I do not recommend, this is already out of date and you could get a more recent model for 800 pounds). But, the fact that you mention OSX and Tiger cds hints at it being either of the older PPC iMacs (the iMac G4 with the half-spherical base; or, more likely, the flatscreen iMac G5) rather than the newest Intel iMac (flatscreen all-in-one). In terms of price, the iMac is very affordable, and as a satisfied switcher, I would recommend it.

Does the package you are buying include warranties, AppleCare, insurance, a mouse or a keyboard?

I would suggest that you look at the refurbished store first, as buying directly from another consumer may lead to worries in pricing, hardware setup, software, and warranties.
If the link is expired, just go to apple.com/uk and scroll down to the bottom, where you'll see the red save tag.

Also, do a little more digging:

However, If I were you, I would also wait until I was sure that:
I definitely want to "switch"
I need a desktop [Edit: append computer] (laptops are preferable for college students, who also get discounts on hardware and software :) )
OS X or its OS successors will allow me to use the software that I need (Mathematica, Photoshop, etc.)

You may also want to wait for the WWDC which occurs in August. Apple may release a tablet PC, update the Ipod, and introduce the new OS - which means that even if newer models are not released immediately, price drops and upgrades will flow your way.

Good luck.

Its the top model of the last PowerPc macs and runs Osx tiger. It has a silver / grey stand and everything is built into the monitor. I think its called an imac

It's up to you. I mean, 8-- bucks for an imac g4 is not very bad at all (seeing how it comes with a monitor.) However, you've got to think about it like this: would you rather put this money towards a new mac that ranges in the $1500 range? With the new intel macs, you can install windows xp and use software that you have on your windows computer now.

Have since baught it. Great! has bluetooth and wifi etc...... and orignal OSX disks.

Can i dual boot this with ubnuntu? (I dont have XP so dont worry about bootcamp)

If it's a PowerPC mac, you will not be able to boot Windows on it. Remember, Windows XP only runs on the new Intel Macs. However, you can probably run Ubuntu on it, provided that you download the PowerPC version (I think there's one availible), so choose that route for the least resistance. Also, you may want to read up on some docs first, because installing Linux on a Mac isn't exactly a walk in the park––even for the Intel ones (me included).

yes, theres a PowerPC ubuntu version. but like jeoprogrammer said, it's not a walk in the park.

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