My computer recently crashed and I lost all my data. I just want to retrive my Word documents. I have windows XP home edition. Is there any software of program I could use to retrieve it? Preferably free!

Thanks alot =)

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be sure to use another computer when trying to recover. you dont want to write data to the part your trying to recover.


Define "crashed" and define "lost all my data".

Buzzer's advice to retrieve the data using the drive connected to another PC is good. Even better if you can connect it in a way that disables writing to the affected drive.


go to download.com and search for "file recovery", theres some great programs on there... some freeware.

One called "Recover Files" I think...

Just sort the search results buy rating and filter out the paid ones if you don't have the cash to spare.


There are lots of tools online that you can use to recover your deleted files. Just search for a keyword "free file recovery" tool.


heyyy mate
u can download "recovermyfiles"
it's a gr8 tool and i tried it often and u also would be facilitated by better options ...


I don't have any other recommendations, but I'm glad to learn about these programs in case it ever happens to me.

I would suggest after recovering your files, do weekly back ups on CDs or DVDs so if this happens again and you are not able to recover what you need, you already have it stored someplace else.

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