To whom ever would like to tackle this,

I have a real problem trying to use Knoppix and Linux on Comcast. The Comcast Network people say that they don't support Knoppix Live CD or any of the Linux O.S. programs, and what I need to do is use my Linux system on line. How do I go about setting this up so that I can do just that? I have these systems because it's better for programming software and much, much more informative than the alternative. Can someone help with this problem?


I think you will find that most ISP's say that they don't support Linux. I personally find this lame, but back to your issue. from what i have read on google, you shouldn't need to do anything for knoppix to work on comcast..

Taken from this page :-
"As an added note, Knoppix Linux requires no configuration when used with the Comcast service-the CDROM boots and auto-configures the computer for Internet access, all automatically."

So maybe your issues are not with your ISP but with your hardware?
if you type 'ifconfig' in the command prompt, do you see an entry for 'eth0' ?
If not, it could be a driver issue, if its there, try running 'dhcpcd eth0' and see if you get an IP address

Im not sure I understand your problem. Just tell them to set up the router. You do not need a computer for installation right?


what was the ... for?

I typed a reply but then decided that it made no sense - just ignore it

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