About "if-modified-since http header" . For more details go here..

fighting for weak.. that's why you lost..

I learned it from Megatron.. ahihihihi:twisted:

today i worked on writing a class in java...

file uploads in java.
check this link.

i learned that the more you shoved six feet under your vices..the more you'll get habituated.

i wish that facebook deactivation has an expiration date that could last for a year...a facebook addict like me finds hard to move on and be responsible to the promises(to do not use the social site). :((

I installed and tried google chrome today. Yes, its faster than IE, but still ... speed isn't everything.

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I learned what's causing my occasional bouts of gout - chicken vindaloo and Cobra beer. Walking on glass for a few weeks again. My foot feels as if it's giving birth. Life ain't fair.

trying left joins in mysql

Today i learn how to control your feelings when you are getting angry with someone.

That's great :) It will be something you can use throughtout your whole life.

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> Today i learn how to control your feelings when you are getting angry with someone.


Let 'em have it, both barrels. Take no prisoners. If some dimwit stood on my gout-afflicted foot - which is still hurting by the way - I'd burst their eardrums with my ire and brimstone.

This would have the benefit of releasing pent up energy on my part. It would also give said transgressor a lesson in watching where they were going. Win-win.

Today i learn how to control your feelings when you are getting angry with someone.

Duuuude.... I'll have to be careful about getting angry with people, if it gives you the power to control my feelings.

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I learned that you should trust yourself sometimes and take a leap of faith.

trying to import and export jsp projects in eclipse..
but still getting some errors.

I thought this was pretty cool:

for($i = 0; $i < (defined("DEFINED_CONST")?DEFINED_CONST:10); $i++)


$intVarName = 10*2*(isset($_SESSION['DEFINED_SESS'])?$_SESSION['DEFINED_SESS']:10);

pretty good use of ?: for those that don't know what to do with it.

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connecting two databases..

Today I learned that I have diabetes in my right eye. I've had the disease for about 10 years, and this was the first time my eye doctor detected any signs of it in my eye.

Some 25 years ago, I had the disease too.
I have been blinded for 3 months by the sugar cristals that set in my eye lenses.
Luckily that situation improved! To be blind must be terrible!!!
It was the result of too much junk food and too much booze.:(
And if I say too much, in fact I mean TOO MUCH!
I learned (I learn that lesson every day) that every day is a present and it is of no use to destroy myself.
Still drink and still eat junk food, but I don't exaggerate any more...

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Encryption & Decryption of files in java using AES.


jquery rocks, I almost feel like I'm cheating.

I learned to use the NSArchiver and NSKeyArchiver Foundation classes in Objective-C. :)

Downloaded OCJP tutorial pdf by Kathy Sierra & Bert Bate.
Planning to write exam in future.

Well I learned that coffee and my pc does not work too well together. What a mess did I create. Maybe not too much coffee next time.

Today's New Thing is most likely an old thing.

Learning Jasper Repots...
Using ireport tool new version to create reports/charts.
And also learning how to edit the chart through java code.