Hi All,

My name is Gail Edmonds and my business partner, Missy Scardina, and I own a small software training and consulting company called Core Solutions, Inc. in the Chicago area. Many of our clients are in the west suburbs, as in Naperville, Aurora, Lisle, etc.

We do a lot of Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes end-user training, but also do Access and Notes database development. What got me hunting online today -- and subsequently discovering this website -- was our need for a few contract trainers that we can use on an as-needed basis who know Microsoft Office really well. It's fairly easy to find Word and Excel trainers, but we have a harder time finding people for Access. I'm sick and tired of all the websites that try to charge $400 just to post an ad or view resumes. That's ok for companies who are looking to hire full-time, but not contractors.

Besides trying to keep up with business, I have a son at Northwestern who's also a very good actor/singer. I enjoy his shows, as well as getting together with friends, expanding my knowledge of audio/video editing, working out, reading, traveling, etc.

Nice to meet you! Get in touch if you're a MS Office contract trainer!

Gail Edmonds
Core Solutions, Inc.

Hi welcome to Daniweb and nice to meet u too!

Hi Gail, welcome to the Daniweb, glad to see you here.