I wish to ask How many editors are there in Linux and which editor is set by default, also wish to know is it mandatory for a web developer to learn LINUX, Kindly help

I personally use linux, because that's what's hosting my site, but it's certainly not mandatory. It may make some things easier, but probably not :)

I think the main thing to remember is that file names are case sensitive on linux, but not windows, and that can cause errors if you're not expecting it.

As for editors, I assume you mean HTML editors? There's nothing set by default, it will depend on which distribution you use (ubuntu, redhat, etc.). And you'll likely have to download something yourself.

I personally have used Nvu and Quanta. They're not as good or easy to use as Dreamweaver or Frontpage (my personal opinion).

Download wine, and install+run any windows software!

I'd also recommend Nvu if you're familiar with FrontPage but are using a Linux OS. It's free of cost and can upload files using the built-in FTP manager. If you don't need a graphical editor, I'd very much recommend vim. :-D

vi editor
emacs editor
one more is there

vim all the way! If it's configured with syntax hilighting and search hilighting, and you can get used to the commands, it's the best ever for command line html/php/any scripting language you can think of.

There are some great quick reference materials out there. This isn't the easiest one to read, but it's one of the most complete:


The default text editors at the linux command line are usually vi and/or nano (or do they call it pico these days...?) Emacs is also an excellent choice, but it's so huge and clunky in my experience... Nano/pico is probably the easiest to use, but doesn't do syntax hilighting very well.

Hope this helps!


Hello trinitybrown!

The best if you use the MidNight Commander. It has a great editor which is perfect to editing of everything. You can also use the MidNight Commander on your X Window through an X Terminal.

Gedit, Kate, Scite are good
Gvim too. consider Emacs too

Actually, text editors are completely unnecessary. Who needs an editor when you're equipped with 'cat' and some perfectly good redirection operators?

localhost:~ $ cat > textfile
the most user-friendly way to enter text!
localhost:~ $

Oh, and as an added bonus, 'cat' uses 9 KB less disk space than 'ed'!

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 39K Oct  5 00:11 /bin/ed
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 30K Jun  7 17:02 /bin/cat

And in the rare instance that you need to change something in a text file, there's always sed :-)