I need some help with debuging. One of my buddies is a game programmer and he sent me a game on a cd that he recently made, it's cool and all but know im wanting to crack it so i dont have to use the cd, but im having some trouble doing so any possible technique suggestions?

Debuggers/DASM'S im using: W32DASM, OLLDEBUGGER, BDASM.

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So, in otherwords you bought this game (or Santa gave it to you) and you want someone to tell you how to run the game from the hard drive without having the CD in the CD drive?

Smells like it might be illegal.


Not really my buddy really did pass it down to me. Besides, ive heard many people claim that it's perfectly legal, even if copyrighted, just as long as you purchased it, and is not an illigal copy or something.


One of the tough things in finding the cd check, is that it doesnt use a diolouge box or message box, or any refenced text strings for notification, instead it's uses a graphical representation of some sort.


no, it's definitely NOT perfectly legal to crack or otherwise bypass copy protection systems (like CD checks).
At the very least it's a breach of contract.

Tough luck, pirate wannabe. I've heard ALL the excuses, they all come down to a kid not wanting to buy a game, and the CD check detecting that the copy or burned CD image isn't the real thing.

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