Would anyone out there like to exchange a motherboard that fits an intel e6600 for an intel d945gccrl motherboard, an intel e4400 processor, a processor heat sink, and 1 gig of ram? They all work very well. It is just that I would like to put my e6600 to good use before it gets thrown out by mistake (ha ha). any offers would be apreciated=D

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Both CPUs are the same socket, I don't know for sure that the d945gccrl plays nice with quad core cpus, but have you tried it?

The motherboard has a frontside bus rating of 800 MHz and the e6600 has a rating of 1066MHz. I tried it before I had known this and nothing happened. I guess I should say that I am a little worried I damaged the CPU somehow by putting it in the wrong Mhz socket but I can't test it(maybe somebody could verify this for me). The motherboard worked fine after I put the e4400 in it. By the way, the motherboard only supports a CPU up to e4500.

Sorry I am not interested as my PC motherboard is defective right now, thanks anyway

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