What memories do you have of Halloween when you were young?

I remember when i was younger,halloween was something else!!!!


Today not only is there none of that,there is hardily anyone out!!

It was kinda comical seeing toilet paper in trees,shaving cream all over......

Now its just another boring night....... Im glad i dont go "Trick or treating" anymore... (Stupid as anything!! (Plus candy tastes like crap now (for the most part)))

Yea, things were alot different then. We use to go out in group of like 10-15, the oldest would lead the youngest and we would go from house to house from street to street. We would work many blocks in one night and the special streets, you know the ones where the people would dump wads of candy in your bag? We would go around the corner and come back over and over, leeching as much goodies as we could! No stupid little plastic candy holders back then, hell no, we used pillow cases and the damn things were so full by the end of the night we could hardly carry them. The smaller kids would have to let the older ones carry their by middle of the night. People use to decorate their houses up and hide in the bushes and scare you when you tried to come get candy! This one house had a strobe light on the front porch and the old woman dressed up like a witch and she would lay in her rockign chair and pretend she was asleep or dead and she was holding a big candy cauldron and he son was dressed as a zombie or mummy (depending on the year) and if he didnt jump out of the bushes and make you run off, then you would continue up the steps, attempt to reach in the pot and grab some candy and she would do a whichs laugh and jump at you! They got us every year some how! So about 10:30 at night when things were starting to wind down and the little kids were tired and their bags were full we would drop them off at their houses or the drop off spot that everyone agreed on. Then it was time for the festivities to begin, yea the stuff the odler kids waited for all night! We would go to the secret drop spot where we hid our bookbags with all the arsenals. We would hit up the local gas stations and swipe the big super momma rolls of toilet paper, you know the ones as big as a truck tire? LOL...5 or 6 containers of eggs, cans and cans of shaving cream. We even went as far as using a needle with food coloring to inject into the eggs so we could do some cool art! Thats back when you swiped a needle for pranks from a friends mom who was a diabetic and not a junkie. Oh anad we cant forget the black cats fireworks and the midget bottle rockets (the kind that looked like ladyfingers attached to broom straw.) So after we divided up the goods it was time for the chaos to being! Oh man what fun we had! The next day the city would look like a tornado hit it. Everyone was out taking down decorations, cleaing shaving cream off windshields, pulling toilet paper out of bushes and trees and if you were one of the unlucky ones to get caught then you were out there with them paying your dues thinking about the payback next year LOL....I never got any "BAD" candy but always heard about it in the news, some kid with the apple that had the razor blade but we checked our candy anyway just in case. Those were some good eats and it lasted thru Christmas when we got the reload. I stayed in candy for half a year! Yea, those were the days...

commented: Great story, it really braught me back. +1

Man-o-man that story was excellent. Did it ever bring me back. I have many of the same experiences with Halloween as you and it was always my favorite occasion.

When we got a little older there would be parties where everyone got loaded drunk and then we would go out for some fun afterwards. Ahhh those were the good ol-days.

excellent story. :)

Maybe toilet paper and shaving cream have gotten too expensive?

Maybe who knows.......

We only had about 10 people......... Pretty boring

halloween is something else