Right lads

im not new to this site im the same as chris_work but obv this is using home e-mail address

at the moment i have my NVQ level 3, and davance diploma,

i am looking at doing 1 of or both in time of the MCSE or degree

apart from costs which one is more reconised and which one would companies pick from

i have had like 5 yrs experience working with computers so experience isn't an issue im just looking at gaining quals

hope you understand what i am asking


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You have to keep redoing your MCSE so you got to take that into account.

Considering that you already have experience and the NVQ i would personally say the MCSE but the degree, or both, is better in the long run.


werll be thinking about it and spoke to a trainer who does the MCSE and he said it that it will take about 7 month to do my MCSE if i work 8 to 10 hours a week towards it

which if i start applying for uni now for septtember and start my MCSE course i wud hopfully finish my MCSE intime to start my Degree and then my MCSE may credit refereance to it

and how often do you have to retake you MCSE?

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