Guys anybody faced this problem in Ubuntu 8.10 where when the cable is plugged in the PC it doesn't read any connection automatically like its predecessors.

If anybody faced this problem plz can he provide me with the solution ?

Note:-I've tried sort of things and noticed that in the terminal the connection is established and the packets are sent normally.

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Hello Ahmed_I,

Can you please provide me with extra information about your issue? Do you have router connected to the modem and properly configured?

The only solution I could provide for now is to turn off the modem and boot it up after 10 seconds!

Since Ubuntu 8.10 was recently released, it is recommended to check for updates which would fix all the major issues with the system, whether it's Hardware, Video, Sound etc...

Well jaimil27

Thanks for your contribution but i don't think the solution you suggested will solve my issue.

Because if its the modem's problem then why the internet connection works in windows ?
and the wireless in ubuntu is accessed easily without any configuration .

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