Hi All

I want to go to Aberystwyth (pronounced aberistwithh) University In Wales,United Kingdom, when I finish my A levels. I want to take the Open Source Computing ,computer science course they offer.
On the page for Open Source Computing
it mentions you will be studying Java, C++ and C
I want to know which language I should learn in order to have an advantage when I get their.
I have emailed them asking which language should I learn to gain a good foothold but as of yet (1 week after) I have had no reply.
Can someone please look at the page I linked to and tell me which language you suggest I learn based on what they mention on the site, please.

Many thanks


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Obviously, C and C++.

Well based on the description it will teach you how to code in java.

Most college now teaches java as the starting language.

Later on the course it will teach you how to use c and c++

I would recommend learning c++ because pointers might be more confusing if you start with java than go to c++

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