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Hello everybody,

Let me introduce myself. As you can see in my nickname, i'm a military guy. I'm a Warrant Officer at the Belgian Air Force. My home base is the Royal Military Academy in Brussels.

The second part of my nickname is Flup, which is an Flemish abbreviation for Philippe.

My interests are going mainly to webdesign and related affairs (webprogramming, SEO etc ...)

The reason for joining the community is naturally to find some solutions to problems I'm dealing with and if possible to help out some other guys.

Other interests : music (listening and active playing -> slidetrombone), reading books and viewing some good movies.

If there are some errors in my writing in English, please forgive me because I'm a native Dutch speaker.

I think this is a short description of me, myself and I. Hope you can live with it.



Welcome, your english is very good. Theres at least 2 or 3 other Belgians here as well.