i checked in the control panel/user accounts/change the way users log on or off

Both Welcome screen and fast user switching are Enabled, even i check in the Registry (run:regedit) LogonType and AllowMultipleTSSession are "1"

some i did changes too, about make some folders in my drives strict to new account, so i ppl cant open some folder by logon that new account. (i did this coz many my friends come and use my computer :P)

pls any1 if knows or can solve my problem. i want my "welcome screen logon and fast user switching" back.

coz annoying with this classic logon, i cant use Fast User Switching when to use other account in the same time.

always ask Administrator or that User currently logon to put password (to Unlock Computer) then switch to other account


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Do you have those folders in NTFS or FAT partition?

How did you restrict access to those folders for the other users
who have direct access to your computer with there own account?


Right click it and go into the permissions tab
(This doesnt exist on xp home i dont think)

Are you joined to a domain? if you are you are forced to use the welcome screen?


hi shovon, not so sure if this is what you're looking for...

go to run..then type control userpasswords2 then enter go to "Advance Tab" then at Secure Logon check the option "Requires User to Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete"


He is talking about having the latest login screen back in
which he is easily able to switch to other account directly.
And able to login directly without requiring to enter password.

What you do is simply remove the check from the "Welcome Screen
Logon" and "Fast user Switching" and put them back on them.

And restart your computer and see if you are geting the welcome
screen and fast switching option.



What you do is simply remove the check from the "Welcome Screen
Logon" and "Fast user Switching" and put them back on them.


that will likely work ,but don't forget when you remove the check to say OK and then go and put checks back in,else it won't know you took out and put back in !

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