Hi guys, sorry if I have set out this post incorrectly as I couldn't find the forum rules anywhere.(there were a few forums I came across detailing how they want me to set out a post of a problem).

On my laptop, my windows loads fine, but when it gets to the welcome screen it takes a lot longer than usual to get from there to the desktop screen. Around 5 minutes. And then, when it gets to the desktop screen, the cursor and the background picture show but no icons and no start menu. I can move the cursor around, but that is all. I've waited quite a bit for anything else to show but... nothing.

I have also tried safe mode, it seems to be working fine in that mode.

I have also tried a system restore on 2 checkpoints but both failed as I found out when I went into safe mode again.

Please help me out, I'm, afraid I'll be in much trouble if anyone finds out :sweat:

Hit CTRL-ALT-DELETE > File > New Task > explorer.exe

Explorer is, put simply, the user interface of Windows. (Start Bar, Icons, etc.) Once you restart, you should be fine.

I doubt it'll be fine. Always a chance but there has to be a cause for this event. If you search this forum on such as "No desktop", "No Icons", "Explorer.exe", this stuff has happened before and it isn't trivial to get back to normal. Have a read of the other posts then get back to us as to where you stand with what's already been considered here.

there probably be viruses or other malwares on the the computer. Scan with Kaspersky 2009 or Avast pro. Try to clean your registry. use registry fix or regure. also there could be many programs starting at start up.

I just had this problem on my sons desktop. Hacktool.Rootkit virus was the culprit.

In safe mode run Malwarebytes. Hopefully you can download it and then update it. I have it on my system already. After you update it run it as full scan. Do whatever it tells you to. More than likey you will have to reboot to get rid of everything. It should boot up fine if this is the problem, it did for me. Run the scan again.

I tried scanning with spybot sd and what came up for ''microsoftwindowssecuirty_disabled'' or something like that and one malware entry called ''smitfraud-c''.

Can smitfraud-c cause this desktop problem? I have killed it with spybot for now. Also I tried malware bytes and downloaded it fresh, then put it on my laptop.It tried to update but it was in safe mode without networking(as I was afraid a virus could attack somehow). I'm not sure if this version is not updated but since I downloaded the newest vers of it I think it's fine. It didn't pick up any malware, though.

I havent had time to do anything else, I have a really busy schedule...so I might be slow in replying.

Don't worry about being on Network in Safe Mode when you're working with Malware Bytes. You'll get cleaned up if you use the tool as per advice given ion the Spyware/Virus forums.

Also seartch this forum site for SmitFraud. It's well covered.

another source that gives similar problem is that someone may have set your desktop to be an active desktop but given it a desktop file (wallpaper etc) that is NOT an active url link or siliar. try right click on desktop and turn off the active desktop.... it took me hours to find this one onone occasion.

Could not do ctrl-alt-delete. Nothing showed.

Can't also do right-click>active desktop thing, no response from computer.

Also cannot go to the internet to update the malware bytes system, as in safe mode with networking, I still have wireless internet...and that means the device for wireless is off.

Multiple scans show nothing, and I think spybot sd is giving me a false alert for smitfraud as I show no symptoms of it, I think.

edit:nevermind, I will follow the prompts in the virus,other nasties section.

I wouldn't waste any more time on this after the current round of cleansing if not successful. If you can stream off your data files and check them later for infection, I'd wipe your disk using FDISK, full format and re-build your system. Once you can't Ctrl+Alt+Del you're degenerating faster than you can maintain progress.