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I have a web site that is ranked number one in most the search engines, my client wants me to put more activity on the start of the home page (index.htm) in the way of a flash intro that the browser person can control by closing before it is finishe or watch the whole thing and then go to the index page.
My concern is firstly will this have any effect on my page rankings negativly or positivly and secondly how do I do it.
At this stage of the game I tell my client if it is # 1, why do anything, in other words if it aint broke dont fix it.
Thanks Getpage

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I think this will have a great impact, but it's the client's website so really it's upto them. All you can do is advise and cover your own back.

That is what I thought and told him

Having a flash intro page is a good idea as long as there is enough content to allow search engines to know what the webpage is about

Yes I think it would be nice as well, but a flash front page canot carry the index page that gets the #1 ranking as well. I believe the search engines would not crawl this site with out the index.htm page coming first. I guess I am asking this question because I cant understand how this all works. I just know that the site now has a number 1 ranking and I dont want that to change by puttina flas page in fron tof the home page.
Thanks for your reply

Flash image is a good way to attract viewers. It's visually enticing. But from an SEO perspective, it's not that great. Image files are better.

I think you will probably loose a little rank in the search engines if you put a flash intro first, but you can always include a flash object in your main page and a little intro in it, this way you won't loose your rank in stead you will have an extra object in your site.

Thanks for your help, I got it under control now. I have convinced my client to put a flash slide show in the header of the index page, which will not affect it.

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