G'day all
:?: I very recently re-formatted my HD, and did a clean install of XP Pro, including Service pack 3. I also upped my RAM from 1.5gig to 2 gig.

Every now and again (not every time) that I start up my PC, all boots up fine, until it hits the Welcome screen. My mouse will not move, and my keyboard is also not operational (thus I cannot ctrl/alt/del to access a shut down or restart. It is as if the mouse and k/board are not intialised on startup.
I press the Reset button, and it usually boots up fine after that.

What could be causing this:confused:

Please advise on thoughts, views, ideas, zippo fluid & matches.....?

Did you replace your RAM or add to it? It may not be fully compatable! I had problems with SP3 with a similar problem and uninstalled SP3 no problems now but still have to reinstall SP3.

First of all check if the RAM is compatible or not and is it properly put in the slots ... If stil the problem continues than may be the OS which u installed is not properly functioning .. try a reinstall with SP2 and then upgrade to SP3 if needed...

Thanks abhisdm and Bob_180_Bob !:)

The ram compatability does seem to be the problem.
After checking the motherboard specs, it turns out that double-sided ram chips are required to upgrade to 1GB per slot. The dealer used single-sided.

Busy trying to source the dbl-sided.

Many thanks