Hello all. I am a young lady studying for the CCNA exam and i hope to have a career in Networking. I hope to find people in the IT world who can put me through and share some of there experiences in Networking with me. Presently i am working as an investment banker and i hope to start a new career in Networking very soon. I believe i have come to the right place. I hope to hear from you all. Thank you. REMI


You dont want to be an investment banker? dont they earn loads?

My passion is in IT. I studied computer science in school but i ended up in the bank and i am not even in my IT department. I am earning well , you know there is money in the capital market but i still want to be an IT person.

Hello. Please do we have any network administrators here?

Good morning all/\. Please i have an issue. Anytime i try to logon to a certain site it just doesnt come up on some systems but it does on some other sysytems. I have checked the LAN connections and tried to uncheck and check back configurations but its still same.
The error message it brings is
error code: 502 proxy error
The ISA server denied the specified uniform resource locator (12202)
Source; proxy.
Plese someone help as no one in my office has been able to fix this.

that means it is being blocked by your proxy (Microsoft ISA). Speak to your system administrator.