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pls help me to find link for my assignment below is the criteria :

There are two major categories of computers: CISC-based computers and RISCbased
computers. Choose two different kinds of computer systems from CISC-based
category and RISC-based category, respectively (total 4 systems). Compare the
organisation of the components of each system. Emphasis should be given to
comparison of the
· structure and function of CPU, Memory, Storage and I/O components
· interconnections between these components (i.e. the buses)
· CPU instruction sets and addressing modes.
· also, explain what effect the organisation of the components might have on the
potential uses for each system and their relative efficiency at performing tasks
related to these proposed uses.

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heh,heh - it would have been less work than finding us and posting a request for info. one can be agog at the youth (how come no one ever mentions magog any more?)

Isn't it easier to google "risc" and "cisc", than typing all those homework out in a forum?

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