Hey folks, I was at my local Chapters the other day, checking out the books, and I was talking with one of the staff in the Computer book section (who was pulling a large number of books), and apparently Wrox Publshing are going out of business.

Anyone else hear this? .... anyone else care?


Just that more than a few good books have come from wrox publishing.

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I heard about this a while back from a few Wrox authors. It really is a shame. Wrox is probably my favorite publishing company among others (Sams and Que). If they are having financial problems, then I suggest they cut down on the number of authors they use for their books. One thing I've noticed about Wrox books is that they are a bit more expensive than other books (most ranging from $30 to $60). Also some of their books have over seven authors. More money is spent on paying all the authors rather than just paying one. I also believe that the general public that buys Wrox books are not beginners. A newbie will most likely pickup a small cheap book rather than a Wrox one, which is lengthier and more expensive.

The reason why I like Wrox is the content they cover. They usually cover a lot in a book. I also like the layout and the fact that they have multiple authors sometimes so you know you're getting different views (even though this might make it more costly for Wrox). Lastly, I like the community behind it. Wrox has(had) a forum that's very active.

This is probably why some of the bookstores I've gone to have their Wrox books on sale.


Both the Wrox and Friends of Ed web sites appear to be up and running normally at the moment.

Wrox published Ivor Horton's Beginning C++, which I've seen a number of beginners recommend.

I've some Wrox PHP books which are pretty good, and some Friends of Ed Flash books that are excellent.


I have Wrox's Begining C# for the .NET Framework 1.0, and it is very well written. Too bad they are going out, I would have made future Wrox book purchases .

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