I'm new to the forum & new to ,linux scripting so I'm hoping someone can help me out.

I have a crontab that calls 2 scripts like :

47 14 * * * /myFirstScript.sh

48 14 * * * /mySecondScript.sh

they don't do anything useful yet - just write to files; but is there a way of if the first script fails to not run the second script? is there a flag or anything like that I can use?



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I can only think of using a log file of sorts. At the beginning of your first script have it output a '0' (false) to the log file. At the end of the script, upon successful execution, have it output a '1'.

In your second script you can then read in from the log file - if it is a '1', execute - otherwise don't.

Alternatively, you can have the first script call the second script.

Thirdly, if you need the second script to execute at a certain time, you can schedule the second script from the first script with 'at'. So at the end of the first script you would have something like:

echo "/path/to/myscript.sh" | at 0500

In this manner, your script will be executed at 5AM.
The at command is a kind of interface to the cron daemon - but the usage is a little more user friendly, and you can script it directly into your script to schedule upon successful completion. Depending on what you need done, this may be your best bet.

Better idea is just to have the first script execute the second if it finishes successfully.

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