Hi folks,

I'm Derek in the UK and I stumbled on this site via the angel of mercy that is Google whilst trying to fend off some malware. Seems like a good place to be so here I am!

I'm older than I care to admit and spent most of my existence working in IT with a development background on IBM mainframes, DEC VAX and SUN UNIX. I majored in more recent years on Informix and Oracle databases with a particular interest in Shell Scripting.

Currently, I'm working for myself having become a statistic 2 years ago after working for the same organisation for many years. Current focus is SQL Server, Oracle, Ingres across Windows 2003, Solaris, Red Hat Linux and ESX VM.

I'm into home cinema, gaming, music, pcs, fishing, golf and my adopted dog. There aren't enough hours in the day for me to do everything I'd like...as my wife keeps reminding me.

My biggest failing is not devoting enough time to enjoying life itself, something I've resolved to change.

Welcome Derek!

Many from the Uk here.

Hope you like Daniweb!