I bet he was really dizzy after that move.

Watch those moves carefully! Those are nunchuck moves - I know because back in the '70s when I was everybody's favorite uncle, I used those very moves with little kids. I always ensured I had both ends of the kid under control before I let go of one end - they just loved that game but since no one had heard of nunchuck at that time, they thought they were playing chop sticks - heh,heh

I just found this pic posted in my 'reputation' - thanks for the link - it took me to this which lead me to this and that had this quote

But it is also a shocking indictment of the UK Government's complete inability to properly tackle the problem of winter deaths amongst older people. In the last decade we have lost 260,000 pensioners during the winter months and the response from Whitehall has been a deafening silence.

. This link was on the same page.

I really have to get something done today, I gotta stop here or it will be mid-night and Leslie really expects me to start cleaning the house for the SB party on Sunday (we're having a bunch of lesbian's over to watch the commercials and since I am the only one w/o a job - guess who gets to be the wife this weekend, sigh!)