SCO vs. Linux Again--You've Got to be Kidding.

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Just when you thought it was safe to return to those keyboards knowing that all is well with the world and the ownership of Unix is happy with its rightful owner, Novell; he's baaaack. I'm sure that I'm not the first to look at this latest news and say "WHAA? AGAIN? I thought we had this settled." But noooo, Linux arch nemesis SCO with the inimitable Darl McBride at the helm is at it again. I am so shocked at this latest attempt by the perhaps brain-damaged judges panel in the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver to continue this pointless battle over the ownership of the Unix copyright. Can they be serious? Apparently so.

I almost didn't bother posting about this when I saw it but I feel that I owe it to my loyal readers to weigh-in on this injustice and clear abuse of the legal system.

Has SCO not spent enough money on lawyers and legal fees? Do they absolutely just want to spend every last penny that they have on this?

What do they hope to gain, even if by some minute chance in hell that they win this time, from it? People have been so burned by this whole crazy lawsuit that the good name that was once SCO is now so tainted, no one will touch them. And, I'm forecasting that their remaining customer base will soon be nonexistent.

So, here's my final* take on the SCO v Linux issue:

To the Judges Panel of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals: Guys, this was over in 2007. Have you nothing better to do than to reopen this wound? Come on, go play some golf or hit some tennis balls--it's time to retire.

To Darl McBride: Darl, I'm sorry that you don't own Unix. It sucks. Save your money, abandon the SCO operating system and just use Linux. Have yourself a frosty beverage and laugh at your former self for being so ridiculously out of line on this whole thing or perhaps seek out help for your condition--great progress is being made in this area.

To SCO's remaining Customers: Linux is a cool operating system that's free to use. There are several really good distributions from which to choose--please go try one or more of them. I also have some information that there's a little software company, a startup or something up in Washington state, called Microsoft. I hear they have a cool operating system that might work for you too.

To SCO's remaining Employees: Monster, Dice and HotJobs are convenient, online service companies. Check them out. They can help you.

Though I believe that what is legal and what is right are often diametrically opposed, I am hopeful that this will come to a quick resolution that is much, if not exactly, like the one in 2007.

*Unless SCO wins, then I'll have plenty to say about it.

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Dude, You really should check GROKLAW and the history of the case before commenting. This is nothing new that SCO is instigating, just a decision (finally) on one of the issues that they brought to court.

They are still toast, so chill!

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Groklaw linked to my story.

khess 95 Practically a Master Poster

It's actually a reversal of an earlier decision...

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I agree with should check GROKLAW to help get the facts straight. That is what it is there for. If you had checked, you would know that Darl isn't at the helm of the company anymore. A US Bankruptcy Trustee has been assigned to head the company and see if it can be a viable company or if it needs to do something else (chapter 7?). I like Daniweb...but get your facts in line before posting.

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Um, well, apparently the AP thinks he is the CEO when last they spoke is perhaps they who should get their facts straight.

I wonder if Darl knows he isn't the CEO any more?

khess 95 Practically a Master Poster

Here is the link, please contact the AP writer and let them know that their facts aren't straight.

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OpenServer sucks !
nothing more tell about this thing.

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