I am a retired teacher of mathematics and did computers as a side line when they wre introduced to schools. I quickly got hooked and became one of the local authoritys so called 'experts' who helped out others where they could. Did a bit of programming but only in BASIC which has gone out of the window now. I am very interested in using Photoshop and I enter graphic contests in a forum called Badboys-forms.com so if anyone is interested in that kind of thing you could join us there it is light hearted and easy going so no pressures.
I am also a keen walker and did lead walks about 12 miles in length over the Border lands of England ( I live in Northumberland). I now have dropped down to about 6 miles because of ankle problems where I have recently been diagnosed as needing and ankle replacement.
Another of my favourite hobbies is flyfishing which I mainly do in the Summer but also manage to get a little fishing in the Winter months as well.


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