I have an old work laptop that was deactivated when I left the company. The company doesn't want the computer back since it was 2 upgrades old. It requires a UN and PW to log on that I don't have, so I can't get past that screen. Is there anyway to override or remove the password protection?

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try booting in safe mode, it should automatically log on as the admin and then you can add a user name or reset the passwords

Thanks ScudRunner. I don't want to sound dumb, but I am. How do you boot in safe mode?

when you see the bios screen press F8 that will give you boot menu choose safe mode

exactly, thanks for the cover bobbyraw

Thanks SR- I'll give it a try. I appreciate it.

once I'm on the bios screen- what do I do next? How to I reset username and password?

once in safe mode you go to control panel, user account and any user that you see you can change/delete or disable password on the account.

you dont want to be in the bios, you want the computer to boot up using safe mode by pressing F8 to get to your boot options, then choose safe mode and it should load up into a windows environment with low graphics settings, go to the control panel, go to users, and add a new user with admin rights, reboot and login with new user credentials

once in safe mode you go to control panel, user account and any user that you see you can change/delete or disable password on the account.

So I am now in the BIOS Windows Advanced Options Menu. I clicked on safe mode, but it went right to the box that requested UN and PW. I have options to open in Safe Mode with Networking, Safe Mode with Command Prompt and 6 other options that I don't understand. Help?

hmm, could be that you company's domain policy requires a login even for safe mode... I think you'll need software to blank out the admin password... have you tried using "administrator" for the UN and leaving the PW field blank?

unless bobbyraw has another suggestion?

choose safe mode when the box comes up type admin and enter if that does not work type administrator then enter. if that does not work leave both field blank and press enter.

I had to hit F2 to get to control panel. I am in it now, and there is no option for users, but I am looking at the Security options and I see unlock setup, admin password, system password, password change, etc. Where I am getting held up is the windows un and pw. I am asking the right questions?

I think you are in the BIOS settings, this isnt where you want to be. Have you tried the above UNs and leaving the password blank? Try letting the computer boot up and entering these

apologies if we're making too many prior knowledge assumptions, not your fault, we all had to start somewhere

Hacking a system can be straightforward, especially when you have physical access. I do not want to post your solution here. I have two ways you can try though you will need another PC. PM me and I will give you the solution.

Most system admins would password protect the administrator account, booting to safe mode is not going to bypass any password protected account. Its unlikely if the administrator account has a password that someone would create an account called admin leaving the password blank?

Even if you boot into safe mode you still need a UN and PW. Your only option at this point would be to reformat and reload whatever operating system was installed, or whatever you have available. Safe mode does not mean that you dont need to authenticate, it just does not load unneeded drivers

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