Although most people do not pass their Microsoft Certified Professional exams until their twenties, maybe late teens if they are really good, some make the geek grade a little earlier. Indeed, one girl from Pakistan managed to do just that at the tender age of ten. However, now M. Lavinashree has surprised everyone by passing her Microsoft Certified Professional exam at the age of, well, nine.

I say she surprised everyone, but that does probably not include her parents as the girl had apparently managed to recite the 1300 couplets from a 2000 year old Tamil epic at the age of just three if we are to believe the reports circulating online.

Those same reports suggest that the young girl is currently busy studying for the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer exams.

My youngest daughter is only eight, and I am happy to say would have no idea about such things. She is happy spending her time making me fairies out of pipe-cleaners and wool, painting pictures of her favourite animals and passing her ice skating exams. And thank goodness for that, after all there is nothing to be achieved in becoming a MCP at 9, is there?

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Heck yeah the girl is showing that she has got the brains to pass a test most adults have trouble passing and she is only 9! She has a very bright future ahead of her if she pursues this path.


Means little to me. She can probably also recite a whole telephone book if she wanted. Of course not everyone can do that (me included) If your mind is is gifted with the ability to video record a course of say 1000 pages you could pass any exam. It doesn't mean you have the knowlegde to completely understand what is being instructed.


ddanbe is correct she could just be recieting what she read. she may very well have Aspergers also called "little einstien syndrome." Aspergers can make you look like a genius because you can memorize and reciete almost anything you have heard someone say or you have read. There are pros and cons to Aspergers; yes you are able to memorize and reciete anything you want to really but the pro to aspergers is that you get super focused on one thing and learn everything there is about that one subject. If this 9 year old does have aspergers (which it sure sounds like she does) and her focus is computers than I think we have a future Bill Gates on our hands except it will be a girl. I've heard that Bill Gates has Aspergers. I am not going to post all the cons to aspergers since it would take a few hundred pages and I know that would bore people but most people become outcasts and do not understand social cues; some teach theirselves social cues by watching others and identifying what is appropiate and what isn't (Take me for example; Yup I have Aspergers!) so anyways I will shut up now. If you have any questions PM me.


Wow... well aspergers or not I'm still intimidated.

But I read somewhere that those who can memorize a lot of things lose the ability to attach emotions to memories... meaning they might be able to memorize all the movies by a certain producer but if you ask them what they think was the best one, they won't be able to answer...

Is there an essay portion in that professional exam...?


looking at all the above comments it seems ,this exam is just like a memory based stuff :|
Do we need to use or own innovation & skill as well or is it the other way round?

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