I recently got myself a few old games that I wanted to play but they don't seem to like XP. I get errors about DOS and such, and I know that XP doesn't support DOS, but is there some sort of "emulator" or something that I can get so I can play these games?

Thanks muchly ;)

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right click on the .EXE of the game and chose properties and then Compatibilty ,click on the link down the bottom to learn more about Compatibility


LOL I never even knew about that compatibility thingy! I actually found settings in there that let me play games that I wouldn't even have previously bothered trying! Thanks a lot caperjack.

I bookmarked your article, Catweazle! Its really useful.

Many thanks to both of you. Ever need a kidney, look no further.


Anyone out there having a real problem with The Dark Side of the Moon pc game; having no reply nor save game text? If you have a real solution please reply. Re-installing is not the answer nor are there any patchs, that I'm aware of at least! Thank you!

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