I watched this on tv just awhile ago and it blows the current global warming theory out of the water! At one point in Earth's history the planet was just one big snowball with volcanoes pumping billions/trillions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Because there was no rain to cleans the atmosphere the Earth's average temperature rose to over 120 degrees F, causing all the ice to melt, clouds formed, and the rains came to clean the air.

No it does not blow global warming out of the water. You want something more interesting try reading this. I will repeat the last line for you:
The picture is much more complex than you can imagine.

Europe has to redraw the borders of the countries around the Alps because the borders were drawn on ice ridges that are no longer there. The borders will have to be drawn on actual dirt.
Huge chunks of the Greenland glaciers are 'calving' - 'calving' faster than the ice can be replaced; chunks of glacier the size of mid-sized US states are breaking off.
In a few years, there will not be enough ice around the North Pole to support polar bears.
Glacier National Park in Montana will soon not have a glacier.
Mt. Rainier used to have glaciers that were so close the trails that we could go 'caving' in ice caves just a little hike away from the parking lot - most of those glaciers are gone.
There will shortly be a northwest passage.
Russians, Canadians, all the countries around the arctic circle are racing to stake claims.

yeah to be honnest i dont think it blows global warming out of the water but i dont think it proves it either

The weather is really becoming more and more extreme in my part of the world , but I am not sure whether this is because of global warming.

I think it's rather arrogant to believe that global warming is mostly our fault (or that we can "fix" it) when there's evidence of several extreme planet-wide climate changes in both directions long before humans were around.

I saw the snowball Earth theory on TV as well quite a while ago, and it's somewhat interesting, just like all of the other theories. But AD, you shouldn't forget that those television programs are usually so biased they're painful to watch. ;)

Look if people want to deny Climate Change/Global Warming they should at least point somewhere of interest Like Freeman Dyson. But if you are going to use Dyson, you have to understand what he is saying - not like the twit that posted the vids who obviously only heard what he wanted to hear.

lol ..... well im not denying or admitting global warming ... i spose i just havent found any scientific facts that stamp it in or out of my mind (if that makes sence lol)