In 5 billion years has anything evolved to live in the sky. Land and sea have been crammed with life since the start!

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what a totally useless waste of bandwidth and our time! Whoever filmed that obviously doesn't live where I live because we have millions (billions!) of birds all over the place.

I did not even bother to look at the link - the title immediately told me he has never parked under a tree.

I remember years ago there was a guy downtown carrying a sign that read "The air is moving, it could be alive". I just had to ask him what he was on about. It was an interesting discussion; he was wack but interesting whereas this is just dumb.

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I remember years ago there was a guy downtown carrying a sign that read "The air is moving, it could be alive".

You aren't serious! Are you ? :D

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You aren't serious! Are you ? :D

It's seems much more logical than what most of those, with offset thoughts, tossing their word-salads will suddenly say.

Years ago I met a guy in downtown Minneapolis snapping his fingers to chase away flying elephants.

His answer: "Do you see any? See it works!"

mental illness : a game that's fun for the whole family!


In the US alone the sky is full with 5000 airplanes on the average. In the winter time in places like Minesota, inhabitants discover unexplained patches of yellow snow at times.

Not every thing which looks empty can be supposed really empty!

Speaking of empty-looking things (sorta) - if you make a hologram of a glass of clear pond-water then examine the image with a microscope, you will be able to see the microbial life in exquisite detail.

If you look at a holograph, you will only see a signature.

Boy, you guys just don't understand. Birds don't live in the sky. They land to sleep, they land to have their birdlets, they live most of their life not flying!

As for the video -- what the heck was that about?!?!? :confused:

I should have added a couple more options to the poll.
Like is anybody willing to give it a try. (videoing these cloud hustlers).
Just video some zoomed in bright fluffy clouds. Fill most of the screen with them. Then play them back in slow motion if you can. Or do lots of play pause sequences. Or I can show you how to use my desktop search to play the mpg video in slow mo. It won't be more than a video clip or two before you get something unusual.
Don't be afraid. Do a little video exploring. I can't wait to see your finds.

i would, but i have to go wash my dog.

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