Hello all of you whose know how is considerably greater than mine!
I have an IBM R51 running XP with SP2 installed.
The machine is only used for kids homework, ebay, wife's facebook etc so nothing too taxing!
laptop left on charge overnight as per normal, would not boot up the following evening:
Green batt light- good!
Power light - good!
Caps lock/ number lock flash on then remain off- hmmmm?
HDD spools up - good!
Fan on - good!
Screen blank... zip ... nada....dick all! Def not good!
... looks like system in hibernation..but not. All correct buttons pressed, no result, all buttons pressed with same results.
AC charger checked ok.
HDD removed & reseated- ok
DVD drive removed & reseated- ok
Clues on how to resolve- zero!!!!
I am considering large hammer & pointy screwdriver next...WHAT? it always works on the car!

Joking apart- if you have any gems of knowledge you would care to impart, I ( and my now desparate wife) would be most appreciative.


Welcome to DaniWeb.

I always found the concrete patio outside my backdoor an excellent way to repair computers.

  1. Open Door
  2. Toss Computer Out
  3. Watch it splatter all over the concrete.
  4. Sweep up the rubbish
  5. Deposit in trash can