hello guys, i am having a problem with my thinkpad, it always auto reset my bios setting when i boot it up therefore making my comp can't start normally , so i have to change the IRQ numbers and date everytime i start up comp! any help on this?

Spec: 128mb
WIn 98/Win XP SP2 (happens on both systems)
25 gb hdr.
P3 1ghz
yeai know it's old , that's the problem , i can solve new comp problems, but totally unfamiliar with old models of IBM

could it because of virus or trojans?
ps.i removed the battery and it only runs on ac power( could it have been i removed the batter?)

thanks a lot guys!

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It is because you have removed the battery. The BIOS battery provides power to the BIOS memory, without it your settings aren't saved when the PC shut's down and the BIOS restores from its factory settings.

u mean i have to put my ibm battery back in order for it to work? do i have to change the power mode to battery instead of ac or i just have to put battery back on that's all?

You have to put the battery back.

The BIOS (CMOS) battery and the main battery pack are two separate items; you only need to replace the CMOS battery in your case. Exactly how you do that depends on your particular model/series of Thinkpad.

Ah, I hadn't noticed that you specified the IMB battery, I thought you meant the BIOS battery. It may still have become flat though, especially if it is the original.

It may still have become flat though, especially if it is the original.

Yes, that's almost cetainly the case; loss of date/time and ECSD info (such as IRQ assignments) are the primary symptoms of a flat CMOS battery.

Same Problem Here. When starting an IBM T43 with Main Battery only it clears the CMOS. Everything works fine when the main battery is in or out and the AC adapter is plugged in.

Hi camperdick and welcome to Daniweb,
You have hijacked a very old thread (Sep 21st, 2006).
Please start your own thread with more details on your machine, OS and problem.
Are you saying that (with the motherboard battery in place) if you boot your machine without it plugged into the mains you lose all your CMOS settings? But if you boot, connected to the mains power, with or without the main battery, your CMOS settings remain unchanged?

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Bob_180_Bob - When booting the IBM T43 with the AC adapter plugged in the date and time are set and remain set when the laptop is turned off and booted again. If the AC adapter is removed the date and time will have to be reset each time the laptop is turned off and back on. The Date and Time settings remain set as long as the AC adapter is connected. I replaced the CMOS backup battery with a new one and the problem was still there. I will be returning this laptop to the ebay seller because of this problem but sounds like a situation that a lot of people have.

It sounds like there is a break in the power supply from the BIOS battery but not into the CMOS when the AC power is connected. This seems very strange (as I understand) the power should be the same circuit for both the mains and battery supply. If there are others out there with the same problem, I would suggest that it is an inherent fault in some of that model machines.
Good luck on getting a refund from the Ebay seller.

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