I have a t22 ibm think pad,never had a problem with it.Now I try to turn it on and i get nothing.Just the battery picture lights when i press the on/off button.I have several extra batteries and tried charging a new one ,same thing.DEAD.Any suggestions?
you can even e-mail me at nixpix1@pacbell.net

Also I have a HP tower that has the same problem,but this one I get nothing ,no light ,no fan ,and they were both in the same room plugged into a power surge protector.I'm down to my last computer.
ANy help would be great.
thank you

OK,,somone suggested removing the battery out of the laptop and unplug from the wall for 15 minutes.This worked,perfect.Now I just have the HP left to fix.GREAT WORK !!! GUYS!!!!

OK, so your lap top now works without a battery, still needs fixing, take it to a service center.
Please give more information about you PC and we will see if we can offer a suggestion. What is working? Fans? Any lights? Any noise? How long since it last worked? What has happened since? What sort of machine is it?