I was looking online for a good book on Boolean Algebra and I cant really find any books that have reviews or books that people recommend. A lot of books on Boolean Algebra are focused toward circuit design which I don't really need to learn at the moment. I am looking for something that would be fairly fundamental that I can use to learn and create a solid understanding of Boolean Algebra. If anyone could recommend something it would be greatly appreciated.


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Man, you really messed up the spelling of your nickname there.

Actually the name is spelled the way I wish it to be spelled. Most forums that I sign up for, the name android is already taken so I just use andriod. Your brain will still read it as android anyways : )

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stop making generous assumptions about my brain.

Would you trade anything for it?

Can you list some things that you would be interested in trading it for?

Thank you.


before we get too deep into this, look here - I think there is a better version around - give me a moment......
This might be a better place to start - or maybe here

Awesome. Thanks for the great links. I think I will look for a used version of the book and order. Thank you.

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