i currently hold my own game and game client with my own website...

the game is based on runescape and i have a private server. I am currently trying too add new items and stuff to the game, but i currently keep getting errors after coding and compiling...All im trying to do is code in an auto caster that casts spells for you. I have all the emotes and frames right, but i cant get the boolean part or the public void part...

i know how im supposed to start the coding out but the public boolean wont let me...I even tried this coding

(!HasStaff) {

the "!" is an easier way to put this in coding instead of a bunch of else if's...

if anyone would care to help me you can contact me here or on my forums...

forum link


I currently have an autocast going but it keeps crashing after a while. Any good coder knows crash's and errors are depressing. I find tech as a good source to let respective energy out as for i am only 13.

another way to reach me is by doing this

going to-


let the page load...

then click existing user...

then where it says username use any user name and password.

then in server ip type


leave port as 43594

please help!!!!!


errors really suck ass....

quote from noobs pk on moparscape-

[noobs pk]-I think i broke my computer... the screen turns black if im not using it...

[teh noobshow]- OMG! STFU!

Ezzaral commented: I want 5 minutes of my life back for reading this drivel. -2
Nick Evan commented: Most horrible post I've read in a while -2

I've had enough of people like you trying to cheat on or hack runescape, its totally pathetic. And you do know its illegal what your doing right? Look at 4th rule. link
And I dont care if your 13, its no excuse to do this sort of thing, Its time for you grow up and get a life.

Heres another typical example of somebody trying to cheat on Runescape, link... I could pretty much guarantee he quit after a couple of hours.

commented: Great link. +7
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