Ok every one loves to have a giggle at someone else's expense so here is a thread just for them.
e.g. Michael Jackson (R.I.P.):
Only in america can you be born a poor black boy and die a rich white woman.
David Bane (accused of killing his family):
Once out of prison David Bane took up photography - his specialty, shooting families
ect. you know you want to so go ahead

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ok what about swine flu?

There is a man racing down a street and the cops are chasing him, he losies them and his friend in the passenger seat asks why he did a runner. To this he replies "I Dont want the pigs to give me Swine Flu."


I have some really bad ones (and consequently, the funniest) which I don't even think are appropriate to share here... told to me by none other than my uncle haha. I just don't want to get in trouble for posting them, but at the moment they're all I can think up, so I'll get back to this if I remember any others later :P


PLEASE: Read the rules here before posting a 'sick' joke as you might find getting an infraction and a possible ban not to be very funny at all.

So far the jokes are acceptable, but take this as a friendly warning that the powers that be are watching carefully :)


these jokes are no worse and even, 'cleaner' than some i have seen on another thread like this. This isn't a place for rude jokes or any thing just jokes that are in bad light because of certain current events.

I think anyway...


this one i found

A man and a small girl are walking through a dark secluded woods.

Girl : "I'm scared."

Man : "How do you think I feel I've got to walk back by myself."

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